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Price Information

Buyer's Home Inspection

You will find that my price for a Buyer Home Inspection if very competitive.


The price of an inspection varies based on the individual nature of properties. This is based on a number of issues. These include:


  • Size of the house, square feet

  • Number of bedrooms and baths

  • Garage and other attached buildings that will be inspected

  • Construction of house, does it have an attic, basement, crawlspace, 

  • Addition items, Apartment, second kitchen, etc.

  • There are different starting price points for Homes, Condominiums and Mobil homes.

  • Other structures; barns, warehouses, apartment buildings, light commercial buildings are negotiated depending on complexity of the building and report needs. 


All priced are negotiated and negotiable before the inspection is started.  Please call for an estimate for your inspection.


Seller, Home Maintenance & Construction Inspection

The price for these inspections depends on the nature of the property listed above and the extent of the inspection requested and the detail of the report required.  Please call to discuss your needs and negotiate a price. 

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