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Why Get a Home Inspection : My Philosophy

A home inspection is the consumer protection part of the home buying process. This is where you, the buyer, can get a better understanding about the condition of the home. As a home inspector I am not concerned about the price of the house. My job is educating you about the condition of the house. I do not make any determination on the value of the house, whether it is a good buy or not. That is between you, the seller and any financial institution that may be involved.

I always try to have my clients at the inspection. My inspection goal is to have my clients understand the construction and operation of their investment. I appreciate questions during the inspection and will either have or will find out the answers to these questions. I make myself available to my clients to answer any questions they have with their new home after the inspection. I am willing to discuss with other parties the results of my inspection at the request of my clients. All inspections are confidential and information is only released with verbal or written permission of my client.

I Currently Provide Service in the Following Vermont Counties...

Washington, Lamoille, Orange, Chittenden, Lower Franklin, Caledonia, and upper Windsor.
Any location within a 1 1/2 hour drive from Montpelier.

I offer flexible scheduling so that my Clients can attend the inspection and have their questions answered about the home.  That includes early mornings, late evenings and weekends.  I only need an hour of sunlight to inspect the outside of the house.

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